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What Is The Exactech Hip Replacement Recall?

Due to a danger of early wear and failure of the Connexion GXL polyethylene liners, an Exactech hip recall was issued in June 2021. The complications range from minor discomfort to more serious issues that require a follow-up surgery and possibly another full hip replacement surgery.

The Exactech models recalled include:

  • 104-28-XX
  • MSC +5GXL Liner 5/15 DEG
  • MCS GXL Liner 5/15 DEG

Complications associated with an Exactech hip replacement surgery (either total hip replacement or partial hip replacement) may include:

  • Bone loss
  • Bone tissue degeneration
  • Bone tissue loss
  • Limited mobility
  • Loosening of the replacement joint
  • Stiffness around the joint
  • Complete device failure
  • Joint replacement
  • Prolonged pain
Who Qualifies For The Exactech Hip Replacement Recall Lawsuit?

Anyone who has an Exactech artificial hip with the Connexion GXL liner and has had it fail prematurely may be eligible for financial compensation for their medical costs and associated injuries.

Exactech has launched a reimbursement program for customers who have had problems with their Connexion GXL hip liners. Those who have experienced any complication should reach out to a personal injury attorney immediately.

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