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Defective DrugsThere are often risks associated with taking prescription medications, but usually the benefits of taking prescription drugs outweigh the health risks associated with the drug. However, at times, certain prescription drugs cause a serious injury or side effect. Depending on the circumstances, the manufacturer may be held responsible for the injury caused by this drug, and a person may sue the pharmaceutical company to recover the expenses and damages associated with this injury.

Pharmaceutical companies have a duty by law to warn consumers of any dangers associated with their drugs. They also have a duty to test their drugs and manufacture them safely. If someone is injured as a result of ingesting a dangerous pharmaceutical drug, they may bring a products liability lawsuit against pharmaceutical company if it:

  • Failed to Test the Drug Properly
  • Failed to Warn the Consumer of the Risks Associated with the Drug
  • Manufactured the Drug in an Unsafe Manner

What Is A Defective Drug?

Defective drugs are prescription or over the counter medications that have caused physical or psychological injury to those who have used them to treat various ailments. Often, these injuries occur as a result of recalled medications. If you or a loved one has been injured by a defective drug or a labeling error, it is essential that you contact a defective drugs attorney for a consultation.

Drug liability, or product liability, refers to a manufacturer, a supplier, or a physician’s legal responsibility for problems with a drug. Drug manufacturers can easily become tied up in a defective medication lawsuit, if they have produced drugs that have ended up causing injury to consumers. There are many different circumstances involved with liability claims concerning drugs, which is why such cases require the professional guidance of a highly skilled bad drugs lawyer.

Dangerously defective drugs usually cause the most injuries within the first year after their release. This tells us that many of these medications were likely released to the public without full knowledge of their potential side effects and risks. Many times, these medications were marketed by drug manufacturers even though there was clear evidence of very severe or fatal side effects.

Who Is Responsible In A Defective Drugs Case In Louisiana?

The defective drugs attorneys at the Robichaux Law Firm know that in every type of situation, at a minimum, the manufacturer of a defective drug is liable and can be sued for damages. Legally, all drug manufacturers are liable for defective medication injuries.

Before submitting a new medication for approval by the Food and Drug Administration, drug manufacturers are required to make sure that proper clinical testing has been completed. Drug manufacturers are also required to disclose any potential side effects and other pertinent warnings on each drug’s label. This ensures that patients, their professional or familial caretakers, and their physicians or nurses are all made aware of every risk that could be tied to the drug in question.

Pharmacists are legally responsible for ensuring that the correct drug is dispensed at the correct dosage prescribed for each patient. Drug dosing errors can lead to very serious injury. Physicians are legally responsible for ensuring that they prescribe the most effective medication for the patient’s medical condition, taking into account all of the possible adverse side effects and benefits of that particular drug. Even short courses of certain medications can have significant, severe, or very long-term, life-altering side effects.

If a drug manufacturer, a physician, or a pharmacist has been negligent in their legal and ethical duties and caused you injury via prescription medication defects or mishaps in LA, a defective drugs lawyer attorney is likely your best bet to get the full compensation you deserve for the damages you have suffered. Don’t delay; speak to an attorney you can trust today!

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