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A Personal Injury Lawyer with 44 Years of Experience

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A Personal Injury Lawyer with 40 Years of Experience

It is traumatic and trying simply to be involved in any kind of accident, but the situation is taken to a whole new level when you are injured in it. Now you may have to deal with medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering during recovery. Many people even find themselves facing judgment and discouragement from friends, neighbors and family members.

During such an isolating and frustrating time it is important to have an experienced personal injury lawyer in the New Orleans, LA, area on your side—and that is where we come in with 44 years of experience helping our clients receive the compensation they deserve.

How Our Lawyers Can Help

Your Injury may have forced you to take time off of work and cost you even more in medical bills, pain and heartache. As isolating and discouraging as your physical, mental and financial recovery may be, you don’t have to do it alone! Here are some ways our lawyers can help:

  • High standards of excellence—Our law firm has 44 years of practice behind us, with the highest possible rating among our peers and our community for ethical standards and legal liability. Our expertise and professional memberships allow us to make your best interests our first priority. If you are looking for someone who can help you sort through the myriad of issues that arise after an accident, we can help!
  • A breadth of knowledge—Our personal injury lawyers bring years of experience to the table, and we have handled a broad spectrum of personal injury lawsuits over the past 4 decades. Navigating the complex world of accident and injury litigation can be overwhelming, but we have the knowledge and experience to get you where you want to be. Our personal injury experience includes car accidents, maritime injuries, motorcycle accidents, slips-and-falls, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and more.
  • Exploring your options—Hiring our attorneys means that you have various options as to how best to approach settling your claim. We have experience negotiating claims with insurance companies and navigating the difficult legal system. We are also experienced with alternative dispute resolution, which means that we can help you find the best solution for you and work to make it happen.
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