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Louisiana has specific requirements that must be satisfied before a document may be considered a valid will. If a will is incorrectly drafted; it will be unenforceable and the deceased person’s assets will be distributed under Louisiana intestate law (as if no will existed). Creating a valid will is important in order to legally enforce a person’s preferences as to how their estate should be handled after death. In addition, a properly drafted will can ease the transition for survivors by transferring property quickly and avoiding many tax burdens.



Successions are the process by which a decedent’s assets will pass to his or her determined heirs. Successions are required under Louisiana law. It is important to hire an attorney that understands how to handle succession matters, properly informing heirs and creditors of the succession plan and how to protect the interest of business owners dealing with succession.A succession can occur without a will, in which case state laws in Louisiana will govern who inherits the estate.  



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