what is a class action lawsuit?

Class Action lawsuits are legal claims filed by a certified group of plaintiffs against one or more defendants. When numerous people are similarly injured by a common cause/defendant(s), these people can join together to consolidate their claims into a “Class Action” lawsuit.  Even though hundreds or thousands of people might be a part of the lawsuit, the Court will hear only one consolidated case and apply its ruling to all of the participating plaintiffs.

The consolidation of legal claims into one class action case can be beneficial for both the injured persons and the court.  It is helpful for those injured (physically or financially) because all of the plaintiffs can pool their legal resources together to try the case. Also, in larger class actions, all plaintiffs will not need to personally appear in court themselves. It helps the courts by helping to avoid an overabundance of similar legal claims clogging the court system, when the outcome of each case tried would ultimately be the same or similar to all the other such claims.


why was i notified of a class action?

Once a Class Action Lawsuit is filed and certified by the Court, the Plaintiffs’ attorneys are required to notify all potentially eligible members of the class (i.e. anyone who would be able to join the lawsuit because they too were injured by the defendant(s) in the same manner). That being said, just because you weren’t notified doesn’t mean you aren’t eligible to join a Class Action. 



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If you think you may be eligible to join a Class Action lawsuit, it is important to consult with an attorney as soon as possible.