Social Security Disability Claims

The Robichaux Law Firm L.L.C. is committed to providing the services and legal representation you need when filing a social security disability claim. Applicants can file social security claims without attorney representation. However, the application process to receive disability benefits can be frustrating. All too often, valid social security disability claims are rejected or minimalized over technicalities or a simple lack of evidence.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

Social security benefits formSecuring legal representation early in the claim process will help ensure claims are fully developed, and regulations and procedures are followed. If you or a loved one have had difficulty filing a social security claim, and/or received a denial, you should consider consulting an attorney immediately.

Personal and Professional Representation

The attorneys at the Robichaux Law Firm L.L.C. work closely with each of our individual clients, and are readily available to answer any client questions or concerns.

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